The puppy, described as ‘part giraffe’ due to its long legs, was returned to the RSPCA just 48 hours after being adopted into a new home.

“Part giraffe” puppy Fidget relaxes on a sofa

A cute puppy – who was described as “part lurcher and part giraffe” – when he was returned to the RSPCA two days after moving out appears to have found his forever home

An adorable puppy, named Fidget, was taken in as a stray and moved to a foster home as he struggled to cope in the kennels.

Four months later in foster care, the then 11-month-old secured what should have been his permanent home.

However, he was returned to RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire and Buxton Branch just 48 hours after leaving with his new owners.

Thankfully he now seems to have found his forever home as his details were added to the charity’s rehomed folder.

A statement at the time read: “Fidget is part lurcher and part giraffe!

It seems the dog has a new home ( Image: RSPCA)

Fidget came into one of our wonderful foster homes after Derby RSPCA appealed for help – they took Fidget in as a stray from another rescue back in November.

“But he was getting really frustrated with kennel life, they were advertising him and he was adopted but came back after two days, for no apparent reason.”

Fidget was described as a “very intelligent, affectionate and energetic dog”, who is still very malleable and responds extremely well to positive reinforcement training where lots of treats are involved.

The statement added: “Lurchers are generally very active and Fidget is no exception.

“He is incredibly high energy in the morning and needs at least two bouts of 30 minutes of exercise per day.

“Fidget also makes a fantastic running partner.

Fidget was described as “very intelligent” ( Image: RSPCA)

“Generally, Fidget will play games during the day such as sniff and lick mats, ‘touch’ training and other things to keep him stimulated.

“Fidget does chew items on a daily basis however this is not destructive behaviour and generally is aimed at his toys such as a Kong filled with peanut butter.

“Aside from his high energy bouts, Fidget is perfectly happy sleeping the majority of the day.”

However, due to his upbringing, Fidget had not been socialised with other dogs and would need to continue his training in this area.

“Any owner who is dedicated to his continued improvement and has the time and resources to commit to Fidget would be lucky to have him,” the statement adds.

For more information on rehoming animals contact the RSPCA.

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