Three Kittens in Need Are Adopted by a Dog Who Has Lost Her Pups

Over 100 cats and dogs have been cared after by animal rescuer Stacee Jones. A few months ago, she believed she’d seen it all until she took in several animals that needed each other in a sanctuary run by Jelly’s Place in San Pablo, California (United States).

When the lady was first contacted, she was asked to rescue a dog who had recently lost her pups and was abandoned behind a garbage can on the street. Later, the rescue organization requested him to take in three newborn kittens who had lost their mother.

To aid these animals, Stacee’s rescue center employees gave her an idea: attempt to introduce the dog with the kittens to see if she will accept them. Despite the fact that it was a desperate notion, the woman gave it her all.

Three kittens are adopted by a dog who lost her litter.


She decided to give it a shot after the kittens arrived home.

She said to The Dodo:

«I was really cautious. I sat with a kitten and close to a mother dog. Slowly, I showed him the cat to see what his reaction would be. I was scared he’d bark or react badly.

Stacee was a little worried as she waited for the dog’s reaction, but to her amazement, she received the first kitten and quickly licked it.

As soon as Stacee had made sure the dog was comfortable, she presented the two kittens to her.


When Stacee thinks of the beautiful time she says:

In the process of doing so, she gently massaged their backs. He allowed them to nurse. Motherly. He knew exactly what to do right away.

Astonishment was evident on the rescuer’s face as she observed how lovingly the dog cared for the kittens. She began to cry because she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Since they had moved into a larger pen, the lovely new family was much more comfortable. Five weeks were spent caring for the kittens by a new mother named Keeper.

stated Stacee:

‘This is so lovely,’ I thought to myself.” I’ve never seen something like this in my life before. Everything came together so quickly, like it should.


Soon, the kittens began to be weaned and eat the wet food that had been prepared for them. Even if Kepper didn’t understand that the kittens weren’t his, Stacee admired him for his devotion to them.

“She embraced them immediately and adored them as if they were her own. It’s really reassuring. As a result of this, each one of them is healthy. A separate species joined united with a different species. You can’t beat it. Neither dogs nor cats care. They just want and offer love that is unrestricted.

Kevin has a wonderful family now. All of the love that she has given this dog ought to be returned to him.

Kepper and the kittens are without a doubt Stacee’s favorite animals.

The happy rescuer went on to say:

Even now, I’m unsure of how to express myself. It’s a lovely thing, really. I had high hopes for this, but I also thought, “This is insane, this is not going to work.” It didn’t matter to Keeper where they came from, he only knew they needed a mother, and that was enough for him.



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