Woman sees elderly and blind Arctic fox dumped in dog shelter and jumps to save him

The Arctic is home to the Arctic fox. Near the sea, they are most frequently seen on hillsides and tundra. Arctic foxes are a species of least concern because there are hundreds of thousands of them in the wild and their population is stable.
Despite the fact that all fox species are considered wild animals, many individuals want to own one as a pet. However, only 15 states permit the purchase of foxes by individuals. In these 15 states, not all foxes are permitted.

Foxes are considered to be “inherently dangerous” and untamed predators. They are also difficult to care for since they are boisterous, vivacious, and driven to define their territory.
When he was eight years old, Archie, an elderly blind Arctic fox, was left in a Colorado dog shelter. Either his owners were unable to properly care for him or they had lost interest in keeping him.

He came from Colorado and wound up in a fox rescue in Minnesota, which he loathed. While he was there, he didn’t want to leave or interact with other foxes. He eventually found Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, a two-part rescue effort.
The first step is to construct a permanent residence for foxes that have been bred in captivity and are not suitable for release. The second part involves rehabilitating native New York animals in order to release them back into the wild.



Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue CEO Kimberly DeFisher said, “When Archie first came here, he was obviously pretty shy, but what’s really amazing is that Archie, fast forward a little bit, has fully burst out of his shell.
Archie perceives the term “touch” to mean “reward” and allows Kimberly to touch him despite her warning.

Archie has run into objects a few times and is aware of his limitations as a result of being born blind, according to Kimberly, who spoke to GeoBeats Animals. Lulu, another girlfriend of Archie’s, keeps him company.

Archie and Lulu occasionally have playdates with Tundra and Cleo, another fox pair at the shelter.

“Many people wonder why I devote so much time and attention to these animals that some may consider unworthy.
I’ve seen the results of giving them a good life, and it’s inspired me even more to work harder with Archie to see if I can give him the best life imaginable,” Kimberly continued.

She remarked that this experience had been more enjoyable than she had anticipated and that Archie was living his best life.
Kimberly observed that many of the creatures in her care lacked the instincts of their wild counterparts. They were unable to hunt and gather enough food on their own, combat the weather, or fend off predators.

She also noted that Archie is approaching the age of 10, which is the average lifespan for an Arctic fox. Kimberly is ensuring that he has a pleasant and fulfilling final decade.
She continued, “I feel happy and pleased to have this chance to forge this connection with him.

This video has received more than a million views from admirers of Archie.

“Archie is gorgeous. I’m glad you saved him; every animal deserves to be loved and treated with respect. He’s just as gorgeous as ever, one reviewer said.


There is no such thing as a “old enough” or “not worth the time and effort” animal. Another person remarked, “Thank you, Arctic Fox Daily, and everyone who understands the unfathomable significance of the creatures with whom we share our homes.”
We hope that many people would think twice about wanting to get a fox because of all their unique requirements, which need a lot of time and effort to meet. Numerous dogs in shelters need to be adopted since they are easier to care for at home.

Archie the blind Arctic fox is featured in the video down below!

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